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Mae is a love story to the memories and emotions that our personal food histories evoke. Named for Chef Maya Lovelace’s grandmother, Lillie Mae Abernathy Lovelace, Mae serves a multi-course prix fixe dinner showcasing the best of seasonal Pacific Northwest produce, fine products from Southern artisans, and Maya’s childhood memories of home and family. Our food is Southern Appalachian-in-flected, displaying the region’s cultural food heritage: You can expect to find fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables, heirloom grits and cornbread, housemade vinegars, preserved heritage breed pork, and other hallmarks of Appalachia’s blend of German, West African, Irish, and Native American cuisines.

Mae also offers a list of delicious and food friendly non-interventionist wines, refined cocktails featuring local fruits and botanicals, and fine bourbons. Beverage pairings are offered alongside our prix fixe menu for those who would love to try a little of everything.

We hope to welcome you into our home soon to guide you through an evening of indulgence, introduce you to new friends, and send you on your way with some lovely food memories of your own (and maybe a hug).


Maya Lovelace, originally from the small town of Beaufort, NC , is an award-winning chef. She’s also the great-grand-daughter of Western North Carolina bootlegger. Her 15 years of experience in the kitchens of Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, and Portland OR led her full-circle, back to the storied cuisine of her home state and the American Southeast at-large. Yonder is an expression of love for that region, and a retelling of its storied American cuisine that went unsung until the very recent past. Chef Lovelace planted the seeds for Yonder when she launched her award-winning pop-up supper club, Mae, in early 2015. Through the years that followed, she stacked accolades from Eater, Zagat, and the James Beard Foundation for her exquisite Southern cooking and storytelling, earning her position among the great chefs of the pacific Northwest as a cook and an educator.



4636 NE 42nd Ave Ste A, inside Yonder

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Wednesday -Friday

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We can accommodate private parties of up to 24 folks- email us with any inquiries !


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