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Maya Lovelace grew up eight hours away from Hickory, NC.  Every trip to grandma's house was fascinating... the seemingly endless rows of pickles and preserves, the always full ceramic pitcher of sweet iced tea in the icebox, the hummingbirds at the moonflowers outside, the squirrels gathering black walnuts in the yard, the cakes hiding in their boxes in every cabinet, waiting to be pulled out for thrilled, gasping guests. 

Mae Lovelace baked cakes and cookies and all manner of things and sold them to the restaurants in her town.  She grew her own vegetables and preserved them for her family.  She was the southern grandma you've always wished you'd had... always bringing you a taste of something from the kitchen, always winking and shaking her head when asked for her recipes, always asking if you got enough to eat.  She was a mean card player.  She did not understand vegetarians.  She was an incredible cook.

Come join us in a celebration of Mae's southern appalachian cooking and hospitality channeled through her granddaughter's training and the bounty of the pacific northwest.







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Maya Lovelace was born in North Carolina and has spent time cooking in Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, and Portland OR.  As a member of the opening team at Sean Brock's influential Husk, she learned more about the traditional foodways of her people as well as how to translate those traditional foods to fit into a fine dining setting.  Following her departure, she landed at Naomi Pomeroy's Beast in Portland, OR, eventually becoming the sous chef.  Here, she fell in love with the bountiful produce of the pacific northwest.  Mae is an expression of these two worlds in collision; part Portland farmer's market worship, part grandmother's dining room table.


Zach Lefler was born and raised in Northeast Portland.  Our location is less than five minutes from his childhood home.  Zach has been working in coffee in the Portland scene for over five years, and has been studying the art of roasting for over a year.  He is also an avid eater, taking great pleasure in working his way through our beautiful culinary scene, from food carts all the way up.





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